Hi! I'm Dibyendu


I am a data scientist and researcher working broadly in the area of Information & Communication Technologies and Development(ICTD) and Human Computer Interaction(HCI). I motivated by issues of social justice and have focused my inquiries on public sector algorithms and social networks.

At present, I am a Data Scientist with the Ministry of Rural Development (Govt. of India) where I study and design in-situ algorithmic systems using participatory methods to improve service delivery for underserved populations living in rural India. Specifically, I identify bias in resource allocation, exclusion of marginalized populations, and anomalous behavior in service delivery, and build decision aid systems for administrators for fairer and inclusive outcomes. A large part of my work also involves thinking about the political economy in which such technology operates and making them more explainable, which I am always excited to talk about!

My previous work at Microsoft Research India with Prof. Joyojeet Pal focused on political polarisation, crisis informatics, and disinformation on social media using computational methods. The work has been shared through publications (at CSCW, COMPASS, ICWSM, SMSociety, HICCS, etc), media articles, and blog posts.

Please write to dibyendumishra96@gmail.com if you would like to say hello!


Also on Google Scholar

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Blog Posts

  1. Dibyendu Mishra, and Harsh Nisar
  2. Dinsha Mistree, Dibyendu Mishra, Arshia Arya, Parantak Singh, and Joyojeet Pal
  3. Shehla Shora, Dibyendu Mishra, and Joyojeet Pal
  4. Dibyendu Mishra, Anmol Panda, and Joyojeet Pal
  5. Arshia Arya, Dibyendu Mishra, and Joyojeet Pal
  6. Dibyendu Mishra, and Joyojeet Pal
  7. Dibyendu Mishra, and Joyojeet Pal
  8. Dibyendu Mishra, and Joyojeet Pal
  9. Dibyendu Mishra, and Joyojeet Pal
  10. Somya Sagarika, Dibyendu Mishra, and Joyojeet Pal

The blogposts along with the aforementioned publications been covered widely in the media including The Business Standard, LiveMint, Bloomberg Quint, The Wire, The Print, The Times of India, Scroll and Quartz India